Fighting Fit Diet Plan

This diet plan has been developed from extensive reseach by my personal friends and WTF Taekwondo Instructors Master Jo Draper and Alastair Eustace who is a qualified personal trainer and nutritionist, who I am sure would be more than happy for you follow this nutritional guidence. The recipes with the diet are just a few examples designed for a healthy life style.

I will personally vouch for this diet plan as it does work, if you stick to it you will lose weight, you will also have more energy. (unlike myself with my life style I find it difficult to stick to it religiously, but when I do, coupled with your training, the weight falls off). But don't take my word for it give it a try.

Alister & Jo also own and run the Fighting Fit Gym in Griffithstown which a small friendly gym with good friendly professional advice, if you are interested in joining a gym, or already are members of a gym but find that they lack with help and advice, take a look at what the Fighting Fit Gym has to offer.

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